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Mark Wehner, is the CEO and founder of Mark Wehner's REEsults Coaching™ and the REEsults Coaching™ School of Real Estate. Mark currently holds the REE, CRB, ABRM, CRS, ABR, GRI, e-PRO, NHS, and CREN designations and is a nationally recognized real estate educator.

Thought of as the consummate entrepreneur…and intrapreneur by his friends and associates, Mark has spent decades learning how to be the very best of the best …and how he could help others achieve their dreams of being the best in their perspective fields. Mark’s philosophy is that once you become the best in your field it is easy to lead. Mark learned quickly that being an entrepreneur was the only thing that made him happy. By the age of 9 Mark was well on his way.

While attending an all-day coin show with his father, Mark was put to the test by his father when he gave the young entrepreneur a 1954P Lincoln Head penny with the value of $0.15 and challenged him to double the value of his prized penny by the end of the show. After hours of negotiating, selling and reselling a variety of coins to various dealers and individuals attending the show he returned at the end of the day with over $26.00. The young entrepreneur had shown his true colors and was well on his way.

By the age of 12 Mark was earning a 5 figure annual income simply by purchasing a $20 lawn mower and starting a mowing business. His initial goal was to cut five lawns a week for $5 apiece. By the end of that first summer he owned seven lawn mowers and had eight of his friends working with him and mowed over 75 lawns a week.  When the seasons changed so did the focus of Mark’s business. Mark moved immediately into a snow removal service for the same 75 customers that he worked for that summer mowing their lawns. Mark learned quickly what a good work ethic, a little ingenuity and great customer service would do to help him profit year round.

By 18, Mark and two of his college friends began a silk-screening business out of his friend’s basement. Within 90 days their business became one of the top custom silk-screened sports apparel vendors in the area. Mark also believed in working for the community and he became an award winning Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee) member and later a JCI Senator with the Ralston Jaycees, Nebraska Jaycees and the United States Jaycees.

Mark has always loved the outdoors and has nurtured a growing interest in conservation. Because of that love, Mark started the National Outdoorsmen’s Association where he served as founding president. During his work with the association he registered and opened over 23,000,000 acres of private land in seven states for outdoor recreational activities. All 23,000,000 acres were open in less than 2 years.

Mark turned his entrepreneurial genius and intrapreneurial mind sets to real estate to build one of the most esteemed real estate careers in the nation. Starting as a small one-man-show, Mark developed his business exponentially in just four short years to be one of the top 10 companies in the market.

Mark dedicated himself to the job at hand and became one of the select few that fill the top 1% of the agents in the area. Always working to help his fellow entrepreneurs, Mark grew his local office to produce $100 million sales garnering the recognition that comes with developing the first office in the state that produced that kind of through-the-ceiling volume. On top of that, Mark increased his agents’ productivity from $1.4 million in annual sales production to $3.6 million in only two years; then he pumped up the sales of his real estate office from just over $61 million to over a quarter of a billion dollars in sales volume.

While pushing production, growing morale and helping his agents mature in the business Mark realized that often fundamental training didn’t give the agents what they really needed to become successful. Working to correct the inadequacies in education, Mark developed his award winning real estate continuing education programs that captured over 50% of the training market in only three years.

Mark has always believed in the value of education and has earned more professional, national, and educational real estate designations than any other real estate broker in the nation. Mark currently holds the REE, CRB, ABRM, CRS, ABR, GRI, e-PRO, NHS, and CREN designations and is a nationally recognized real estate educator.

Mark has always worked to be better. So when he discovered the value of natural supplements he researched to find the best of the best in natural supplement manufacturers. Once Mark found Rexall Showcase International he became a distributor. As usual, it didn’t take Mark long to go from a new distributor to #2 in the world in only 14 months. Mark became well known for his exceptional drive and ability to help everyone in his organization succeed beyond their wildest imagination.

In 2006, Mark founded REEsults Coaching™…training, mentoring, and coaching programs for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that want that competitive edge that is so critical in every endeavor.

Since the launch of REEsults Coaching™…Mark and his coaching staff have worked with a variety of businesses and industries.  From coaching thousands in the real estate and insurance industries…to regional hospitals and health systems…to one-on-one small business coaching for technology and service related entrepreneurial endeavors…our coaching has proven to be a “game changer” for companies and individuals alike!

In 2015, building on his over 25 years of writing and teaching real estate continuing education courses in Nebraska and now Iowa, Mark founded the REEsults Coaching™ School of Real Estate. Now, his school is the fastest growing real estate post-secondary career school in the area by offering the market’s only “complete curriculum” for real estate education. From Pre-License…to Exam Prep…to Post License Training…to Continuing Education…and Personal Coaching…REEsults Coaching’s™ School of Real Estate offers every educational and coaching tool for today’s real estate licensees!

“Stay tuned”…as I always say…”the best is yet to come!”

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A Special Message from Mark

“Today…we live in a “perfect storm” of entrepreneurial opportunity. Right now…before all entrepreneurs…lies a future of vast, unlimited accomplishments.

Collectively, entrepreneurs have the ability to see over the “horizon of achievement.” Individually, however, we realize that it is not how much we know…but how fast we can learn…that creates that vision.

We also have companies and organizations struggling with disenfranchised employees. Imagine creating an intrapreneurial environment based on the DNA of entrepreneurship where employees actually “take ownership” in every facet of their day-to-day activities! To help others be the best they can be…I have applied over 30 years of successful entrepreneurial strategies and intrapreneurial mind sets…refined them…and packaged them into a coaching program that is guaranteed to turn potential into possibilities.

If you have passion for success…contact me directly to learn exactly how Mark Wehner’s REEsults Coaching™ can custom design our programs to enhance all of your entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial endeavors!”


Your Omaha HIgh with Andy Greenberg and Master Entrepreneur Mark Wehner

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