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REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate

REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate offers a comprehensive Real Estate education program for professionals seeking real estate pre-license coaching and continuing education. Our superior coaches and instructors coupled with the latest real estate curriculum ensure real estate professionals are well-equipped for every facet of their career.

Specialized Curriculum:

  • Real Estate Pre-license Courses
  • Real Estate Exam Prep Courses
  • Real Estate Post-license Courses
  • Real Estate Continuing Education Courses
  • REALTOR University for Real Estate Professionals
  • GRI for Real Estate Professionals

Personal Coaching for Real Estate Professionals Our nationally approved, Nebraska and Iowa programs are unmatched for creating an environment of success for any entrepreneurial business.

REEsults Coaching Back Story

REEsults Coaching™ coaches entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs…exactly HOW to THINK, ACT and ACHIEVE success! Why? because they are coached to developed “game changing” mind sets and methods that enhances every aspect of their chosen endeavor! Our primary purpose is to offer unmatched entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial coaching opportunities.  We offer custom, “one-of-a- kind” programming that creates and sustains momentum in any endeavor requiring an entrepreneurial perspective.

Our Passion

Mark Wehner Mark Wehner’s REEsults Coaching™ specializes in customizing our award winning programs and presentations to our audiences specific needs.  Imagine the positive impact a targeted message can have on your group when we will apply over 30 years of successful, entrepreneurial “game changing” strategies and match them with intrapreneurial mind sets…refine them to your specifications…and create a presentation that will leave the audience wanting more!  Get in touch with us today and put us to work on your making your next event the best ever!

REEsults Coaching™ reveals the “missing link” hidden in the DNA of the entrepreneurial spirit that turns untapped potential into extraordinary possibilities…GUARANTEED!

For the Entrepreneur

Should You Follow Your Entrepreneurial Impulse

For the Intrapreneur

REEsults Coaching™ creates the “pride of accomplishment” when we coach members of any organization to take “ownership” of their day-to-day business and organizational activities.

How to Drive Positive Change by Unleashing Intrepreneurial Employees

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