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Our REEsults Coaching™ Real Estate Exam Prep Courses gives you your BEST chance for passing the Nebraska Real Estate SALESPERSON or BROKER Exam…*GUARANTEED! Our highly respected and unique coaching format shares both the critical test related information…PLUS all the secrets you need to pass the real estate exam. We offer the industry's most current text… the Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam SALESPERSON and BROKER Simulation (Sterling). REEsults Coaching's™ School of Real Estate always provides all the quality coaching and leading edge tools you need to pass the real estate exam!

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  • Exam Prep coaching sessions every 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings. (unless otherwise posted or email notified)
  • You can attend UNLIMITED Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions 
    • Until you pass the real estate exam... NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • Exam Prep 'LIVE' real-time remote coaching sessions now available via Zoom™ teleconference. 
    • To attend send a request to info@reesultscoaching.com for your personal video/audio login info. 
    • Note:   Please email your request at least 24 hours prior to the session. 
    • We'll send you the direct video link to the session!

About the Nebraska Real Estate Exam

The real estate salesperson exam is a multiple choice, two section exam. The first section, the state portion, contains 50 questions covering Nebraska license law and rules and regulations. The second section, the national portion, consists of 100 questions based upon six content areas: Listing Property, Selling Property, Property Management, Settlement/Transfer, Financing, and Professional Responsibility.  Only about 10% of the questions require mathematical calculations. To pass the salesperson's licensing exam, students must earn a score of 75% on the state portion and 70% on the national portion. Effective February 6, 2013, candidates taking the salesperson licensing exam who pass one section of the exam (state or national) but not the other will be allowed to retain credit for the section they passed and will be required to pass only the section they did not pass so long as they pass that failed section within three additional tries or six months, whichever comes first. If they cannot pass the failed section within three tries or six months, they will begin a new cycle for passing the exam. http://www.nrec.ne.gov/pdf/applicationtips.pdf

The real estate broker's exam is a 75 multiple-choice question (25 from the state pool and 50 from the national pool) test.  I also includes eight simulation exercises. On the simulation exercises broker candidates will be graded on their information gathering skills and decision-making skills. Students need to achieve a passing grade on all three scores (multiple choice, information gathering, and decision making) to pass the broker examination. If you fail one section it is deemed to fail the entire exam, and the entire broker's exam will need to be retaken.

Exam Prep Course Guidelines and Policies

  • If a student fails the licensing exam he may retake any of the classroom classes FREE of charge.
  • All students understand that a High School Diploma or its equivalent is a State requirement for making application for a real estate license to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
  • All students understand that it is their responsibility to provide the Nebraska Real Estate Commission with a criminal background check run and provided by the Nebraska State Patrol.  Fingerprint cards must be obtained from the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
  • Any travel/lodging or ancillary expenses for any students attending any of the classes shall be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Replacement cost for the text, for any reason, shall be $65 plus shipping and handling (if required).
  • Smoking is not allowed in the classroom or the facility where the classes are being held.
  • Recording devices are welcome.

REEsults Guarantee


When you enroll in any class room coaching class you can retake and attend any classroom coaching class FREE of charge until you pass the real estate exam.

  • FIRST… each of our programs…matched with your steadfast, passionate entrepreneurial commitment to succeed…WORKS!

  • SECOND… you only guarantee a program when you know WORKS…absolutely…every time…when the entrepreneur or the intrapreneur simply applies the mind sets and methods in their day-to-day activities
  • THIRD… our coaching commitment will always match your commitment to your own future success.
  • FOURTH... for our entrepreneurial clients: The key element of our guarantee is the commitment the participant makes to diligently complete the REEsults Coaching™ Scoreboard for a continuous 90 day period from the date of your successful completion of any of our paid coaching programs.  If participant truly believes that our coaching program did not work for them…simply submit 90 continuous days of Scoreboards…and we will refund 100% of the program’s fee paid by the participant… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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