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Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Materials (PRINTED)

Note: When you are registered for our EXAM PREP CLASSROOM COACHING SESSION a personalized, digital download for all the course materials is included FREE as part of your EXAM PREP registration. You are allowed to print all or part the materials in the digital download on your own... or you can purchase a PRINTED COPY of the materials below:

Over 1,600 sample exam questions with complete explanations/solutions.

PRINTED COPY Includes:  (949-Pages)

"HOW TO STUDY AND PASS The Multiple-Choice Real Estate Exams"
   Key study methodologies and strategic “exam taking” techniques"
2-National/Nebraska Exam Prep Practice Exams:
  150 Questions/Explanations each
4-National General Practice Exams:
  110 Questions/Explanations each
6-National Specific Practice Exams:
  70 Questions/Explanations each (matching each subject area of the exam)
Nebraska Real Estate License Laws Practice Exam:
  160 Questions/Explanations each
Nebraska Real Estate Definitions Practice Exam:
  100 Questions/Explanations each
Real Estate MATH Practice Exam:
  50 questions with itemized solutions/answers/formulas
Real Estate Terminology REEview:
  OVER 475 Real Estate Terms, Definitions & Explanations
Glossary REEview:
  OVER 600 Real Estate Terms & Definitions

NOT INCLUDED IN OUR “PRINTED COPY”: The "NEBRASKA Real Estate License Act - Rules & Regulations"

Note: A printed copy of the NEBRASKA Real Estate License Act - Rules & Regulations is provided (FREE) by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) in their licensing Application Packet. If you do not already have the new licensee Applicant Packet, it is available upon request from the NREC (402.471.2004).

Investment: $67


Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate BROKER Simulation Exam
Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate BROKER Simulation Exam (BOOK)

This new study guide will help real estate brokers prepare for the AMP real estate broker simulation exam. It includes an introduction to broker simulations, a review of each section topic in the new broker simulation content outline, and information on what type of state-specific information will be expected. Content related to ethical behavior is incorporated throughout. The guide also includes a CD-ROM with 12 broker simulation questions. This CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Mac OS. Recommended minimum: 128 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 screen resolution with true color 24-bit.

Excellent prep before taking the test!

Investment: $87 (FREE Shipping)


How to Study for... and PASS a Multiple Choice Real Estate Exam
Strategies for Passing the Multiple-Choice Real Estate Exam
(Digital Download ONLY!)

The information shared in this study guide presents study materials and coaching points that are critical to passing the Salesperson’s and Broker’s the real estate exams! Our exclusive, proven “knowledge-transfer” methodology and REEsonate REEcall™ study strategies are guaranteed when you commit to study, understand and master each area as instructed and coached.

  • Understanding Question FORMATS
  • “Exam Taking” Coaching Points
  • BEST “Guess Strategies”

Investment: $27

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