Real Estate Pre-License Courses Overview

Real Estate Pre-License Classroom Course Criteria

  • Each course consists of 33.75 classroom hours
  • Each course is designed to exceed the requirements established by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission 
  • Courses are approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (30 hours each)
  • Classroom Tuition: $240.00
  • Tuition includes all course materials, in digital format, including the course text, class syllabus, and all applicable course materials. The text and all course materials are formatted to perform on computers, tablets, and PDA’s (mobile phones). If you desire a hard copy of the text and course materials, you are allowed to print these files for your personal use only! You also have the option of ordering, for an additional charge, a hard copy of the text and course materials as made available via a link in the Notification Email you received when you registered for the class.
  • Note: You're only required to take 2 of the 3 — 30hr classes listed in the sidebar menu

CLASS REGISTRATION To review and register for our pre-license classes
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