Real Estate Pre-License REGISTRATION

Real Estate Pre-License Classroom Course Criteria

  • Each course consists of 33.75 classroom hours
  • Each course is designed to exceed the requirements established by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission 
  • Courses are approved by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (30 hours each)
  • Tuition: $175.00
  • Text and Class Materials: Range from $40.00 to $70.00 per course
  • Note: Your only required to take 2 of the 3 — 30hr classes listed below

*IMPORTANT! Bring your PAID receipt to the first classroom session! Text will be available at the first classroom session. Course materials (downloadable) are available from the link in the confirmation email when you registered. PLEASE BRING THE COURSE MATERIALS TO EVERY CLASS - EITHER IN DIGITAL OR PRINTED FORM.

To REGISTER for PRE-LICENSE Course(s) Click on the Date / CLASS Name you wish to attend appearing under the Pre-License Course Descriptions below. OR click on the sidebar menus for additional details. Note: The Sidebar Menu appears at the top of the page on smaller mobile devices.

Real Estate Principles and Practices 0040 - CLASSROOM

This course targets virtually every aspect of the real estate industry. Each student will gain a broad perspective, including detailed specific brokerage principles and practices that guide the legal and ethical cornerstones of real estate sales. This course will provide practical applications for standards in practice that will appear on the real estate exam.

10-11 / 11-8 - Real Estate Principles and Practice   (6:15-10PM)

Nebraska License Law 0047R - CLASSROOM

Our Nebraska License Law 0047R pre-license course is a comprehensive study of the Nebraska Real Estate License Act and Rules and Regulations, Fair Housing, and a fundamental look at the broker-agent relationship. Each student will gain a broad perspective, including specific, “real world” scenario of how the laws governing the real estate business in Nebraska relates to every real estate transaction. The goal of this course is to prepare the student for both the real estate exam and the legal environment of their day-to-day working relationships.

New CLASSROOM Schedules Coming Soon... Please Check Back!

Real Estate Finance 0042R - CLASSROOM

This course introduces students to the exciting world of real estate finance. Students will gain a foundational understanding of types, sources, and functions of real estate finance. Mastering this "money piece" of the real estate industry, you will be able not only understand real estate finance and math on the real estate exam…but also better serve the financial needs of real estate buyers and sellers throughout your real estate career.

11-14 / 12-12 - Real Estate Finance 0042R   (6:15-10PM)

Real Estate Pre-License Courses (ALL) - ONLINE

REEsults Coaching™ School of Real Estate has partnered with VanEd to bring our students the BEST real estate Pre-License ONLINE courses…including the FUSION “Hybrid” self-study + tutoring option, to meet the Nebraska Real Estate Commission's educational pre-licensing requirements.

Click Here for - Pre-License ONLINE Courses Registration

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