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REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series

Real Estate CE Designation CoursesREE DESIGNATION: REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series classes noted REE (Real Estate Entrepreneur) are CE/BAT approved courses that earn this Accredited Entrepreneurial Designation from REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate, an approved school through the Nebraska State Department of Education. Upon completing the entire 6 course curriculum…you’ll receive your REE certificate, by submit all of your class certificates to Mark Wehner, REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate.

Our REEmarkable Real Estate Series meets 100% of Nebraska’s 18hrs CE/BAT license renewal requirements + Full GRI 101 Substitution + earns REE Designation

Overview: The Series includes (6) 3hr classroom sessions for a total of 18hrs
  • The Series is approved by Nebraska and Iowa for real estate Continuing Education and Broker Approved Training credits.
  • Each participating agent that completes all six (6) sessions will earn the REE Designation (Real Estate Entrepreneur)
  • The goal is to make each participating agent highly-referable through REEmarkable representative strategies!

Class Schedule & Registration

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About the CE - REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series

The REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series is designed to coach real estate licensees, both new and experienced agents, on the tools, techniques, and strategies that are guaranteed to immediately increase the productivity and profits of the participating agents!

The REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series was created to fill the void in agent education.  Brokers spend tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours recruiting new agents to their companies.  Then typically put them through a basic “one size fits all” training program.  After that, agents are often left to “figure it out on their own”.  The drop in the National Association of REALTORS productivity statistics tells us that agent training model just isn’t working for long term, sustainable success!   It has become apparent that agent education has moved away from teaching agents how to prospect "face-to-face"...using "first person" training strategies!  

The remarkable thing about the REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series is that “first person” agent education program. Every facet is designed to get the agent “face-to-face” with the potential home buyer and seller. Then…have the tools and techniques to provide remarkable service! This compliments all “second person” (technology based marketing, CRM, direct mail, internet lead programs) and “third person” (Center of Influence and referral programs) training activities that have become the standard of agent education this past decade. Recognizing that balancing these three foundational prospecting methods is the key for all levels of agent education…the REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series reinforces the need for “first person” agent education while coaching the real estate agent to excel faster and more effectively in today’s real estate marketplace!

The REEmarkable Real Estate Coaching Series coaches the real estate agents to do common real estate activities in an uncommon way!  According to Darren Hardy, Editor of Success Magazine… “In order to succeed in 20 years ago you had to be the BEST!  Then with the entrance of technology you had to be FIRST.  Next came DIFFERENTIATION.  You had to be “different”…better advertising, marketing tools, technology, etc.  Now you must be remarkable to last!” Remarkable, in this sense, is both an adjective and a verb.  Will the agent provide a level of real estate services above the norm?  Will the consumer “remark”…in social media and centers of influence about the agent’s remarkable level of service?  That’s today mantle for defining success.  This Series entire purpose is to create, or recreate, a REEmarkable real estate agent!  Once an agent reaches this pinnacle…all else…from professional relationships to personal productivity is truly possible!  GUARANTEED!

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