NATIONAL Real Estate Exam Simulator

NATIONAL Real Estate Exam Simulator

Our students tell us that REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate’s NATIONAL AMP Real Estate Exam Simulator is a notch above any other National real estate exam simulator they’ve experienced! Our collection of over 1,000 sample questions includes over 400 questions targeting the (6) six specific exam topics on the AMP National Real Estate Exam! You will also receive sample questions for 100 Real Estate Definitions. PLUS, you’ll have access to 50 Real Estate Math sample questions featuring real estate math problems with step-by-step “Solutions” so you gain a complete understanding of exactly how to ascertain the correct “math” answer! As an added “Exam Prep” bonus you’ll be able to experience 420 sample real estate questions that address virtually all the foundational questions that you may see on the NATIONAL AMP Real Estate Exam!

NATIONAL Exam Simulators

Our Exam Simulators are specifically crafted to provide the highest quality, most-up-to-date real estate license testing content in a flexible format (PC|Mac|Tablet|SmartPhone) and delivered on-demand to fit your busy schedule.

    National General Exams:
    8 Simulators • 55 questions each and explanations • 440 questions total
  • National Exam #1 (01-55)
  • National Exam #1 (56-110)
  • National Exam #2 (01-55)
  • National Exam #2 (56-110)
  • National Exam #3 (01-55)
  • National Exam #3 (56-110)
  • National Exam #4 (01-55)
  • National Exam #4 (56-110)
    National AMP Content Exams:
    6 Simulators • 70 questions each with explanations • 420 questions total
  • UNIT #1 - Agency Relationships and Contracts (01-70)
  • UNIT #2 - Real Property Ownership/Interest (01-70)
  • UNIT #3 - Finance (01-70)
  • UNIT #4 - Real Property (01-70)
  • UNIT #5 - Marketing Regulations (01-70)
  • UNIT #6 - Property Management (01-70)
    Real Estate Definitions Simulators:
    2 Simulators • 50 questions each with explanations • 100 questions total
  • Real Estate Definitions #1 (01-55)
  • Real Estate Definitions #2 (56-110)
    Real Estate Math Exam Simulator:
    1 Simulator • 50 questions with solutions
  • Real Estate Math Simulator (01-50)
  • "Strategies for Passing the Multiple-Choice Real Estate Exam" REEsults Coaching's™ exam-taking strategies.

Example Screens Used in the Exam Simulators

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QuestionExplanationReviewREEsonate REEcall™ QuestionREEsonate REEcall™  Explanation
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