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REEsults Coaching™ Programs

REEsults Coaching™ Programs include: Economic Survival Series, REE Designation, Initiative E, and Personal Coaching and earning Professional Designations… Our programs combine targeted "MUST KNOW" curriculum (What" you need to know!) PLUS…our expanded framework of exactly "HOW" to succeed. When you are armed with exactly "WHAT" you need to know…along with our proven strategies revealing exactly "HOW" to succeed…your success is virtually guaranteed!

Mark Wehner’s REEsults Coaching™ entrepreneurial E-Programs coach entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on exactly HOW to THINK, ACT and ACHIEVE success in their chosen endeavors.

Every REEsults Coaching™ E-Program is so successful because Mark Wehner, the CEO, Founder and Creator knows the entrepreneurial audience through years of  personal experience.  —What you will learn is practical hands-on experience, not simply theory.

Each E-Program is proven, practical, direct, customizable and the most effective coaching program you will ever experience…GUARANTEED!


The Economic Survival Series encompasses a unique combination of concepts and winning strategies that can be customized for either entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial coaching programs.


The REE (REEsults Entrepreneurial Excellence) Designation is the only educational recognition that formally legitimizes entrepreneurial achievement.

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