REEsults Community Service

REEsults Community Service

REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate’s “Community and Professional CONNECTION”

REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate and our instructor/coaches are unmatched for our combined support of both the community and the real estate profession.  Our core values align with “giving back” to the community and the industry that supports our successes.  We believe that our commitment to the greater good, added with our day-to-day activities beyond the classroom, defines our school’s character and contributions.

One things that sets us apart is how our instructor/coaches blend their personal and professional achievements into every class they teach!  Our students don’t just attend classes to meet the minimum requirements to sit for the real estate exam…they “experience the class”!  Our students benefit past the curriculum through the collective, shared successes of our instructor/coaches.  This teaching strategy alone not only helps the student pass the real estate exam…but sets the stage for an incredible career in the exciting real estate business.

In our community, we support a variety of local, state, and national charities, events and causes. From the Sunshine Kids to the Chamber of Commerce…to the American Cancer Society to the American Heart Association…to the Nebraska Humane Society to the Open Door Mission, Lidia House and the Stephens Center…to working as Youth Coaches in our communities in a variety of sports…also key participants Habitat for Humanity and the United States Jaycees…we pride ourselves in the jobs we do beyond the classroom.    

In the real estate industry…we have an unmatched legacy of award winning involvement, leadership, and top producing success in the business.  Our instructor/coaches are actively involved in the business of real estate.  They share a working knowledge that takes the “textbook” knowledge and applies it to the “real world scenarios”!  You will learn exactly how to transform from the classroom to the marketplace from individuals that are top achievers in their respective real estate specialties.  Our instructor/coaches do more than just “work the business”.   They continually take active leadership roles in the National, Nebraska, Local Boards of REALTORS.  From Committee Involvement to Board of Director Members to Committee Chairs to Presidents of their respective REALTOR Associations and Multiple Listing Services…combined they represent the best leadership skills the real estate industry has to offer.

So…when you’re evaluating your choice of real estate schools…choose the school whose instructor/coach values will help you succeed faster…easier…and at a higher level of achievement…choose REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate!

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