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  5 Stars    Great Job! I learned a lot!   (Real Estate Principles and Practice)  26-Jun-2018

I would highly recommend this to anyone! The teaching technique is certainly successful!

— Tammy Champion

  5 Stars    Passed my exams on the first try!!   (Real Estate Principles and Practice)  17-May-2018

Mark's program WORKS! Can't say enough good things about his instructors! Doug and Russ were great! They really take the time to make sure you understand the info needed to pass the exams!

— JW

  5 Stars    Modern up-to-date methods and excellent results!!   (Pre-License)  22-Apr-2018

I took both P&P and Finance. I also attended the exam prep. First, I will say that there is no substitute for learning the material. That comes first. Mark's method for both studying and taking the exam work very, very well. After taking many exams in other disciplines over the years, it never occurred to me to read the answers first and question second. I wish I would have tried this years ago!! Secondly, the instructors Mark hired are absolutely first rate. Doug (P & P) was thorough and did a great job of providing real world examples and making the class fun and interesting. Russ (Finance) was excellent, extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his students' success... couldn't have asked for better instructors... first rate for sure!! One last thing... if you take the classes, you really should also take the exam prep on Saturdays. It ties everything together and gives you material that is essential to studying for the exam... Again, if you put in the time and follow Mark's methods, you will be successful in passing your state and national exams... I passed 1st time and credit Doug, Russ, and Mark for helping me in the right direction.

Thanks to all of you!! Money Well Spent!!

— Justin B

  5 Stars    Follow his instructions to the "T" and a good number of the answers jump off the screen at you!   (Pre-License)  18-Jan-2017

I am a below average test taker that has not studied since I left college 15yrs ago. I took the required 60 hours with VanEd online education course which did get me the overall ours need quickly but did little for knowledge and retention. I went to one class of Results Coaching and was not only inspired but felt I had a plan. Follow his instructions to the "T" and a good number of the answers jump off the screen at you. Thanks Mark!

— Jim A. Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    Exactly what I needed!   (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

Mark's pre-license courses, test prep classes and test prep information was exactly what I needed. There was a ton of information to cover, yet I was able to retain what I needed to successfully pass the real estate exam. Thanks Mark!

— Chris M., Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    The best class I've taken (and I have taken many)!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

Very informative but done in a fun way. Loved the small class size! Great job!

— Anonymous

  5 Stars    Instructional Materials and pace were great!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

No suggestions for improvments or change.

— Anonymous 2

  5 Stars    Enjoyed the class and how we studied!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

Jeprody learning games added a fun way to learn.

— B. Martinez

  5 Stars    Russ was fantastic!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

He used multiple teaching techniques and quizzed us in fun ways. I would highly recommend this class!

— G. Leyann

  5 Stars    BY THE WAY DID I TELL YOU I PASSED MY TEST!!!!! :)    (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

Mark has a true drive and passion in helping you pass the test to begin your career. I PASSED after taking Mark's course and learning his strategy after taking the test several times before and being unsuccessful. The format in the study material is similar types of questions your are presented on the actual test which made the whole journey much less frustrating. Strongly encourage anyone taking the salesperson or broker test to learn his strategy.

— Mandy A.

  5 Stars    Essential Information for Passing the National Real Estate Exam!   (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

I bought the book suggested by Mark Wehner's REEsults Coaching and learned a lot of essential information that I needed to know for the national portion of the real estate exam. This same information was missing from the class instruction and materials I'd received at another local real estate school. I am certain that the REEsults coaching textbook and CD prepared me to pass the national portion of the exam on the first try. I cannot recommend this program enough. Be smart and invest in REEsults Coaching!

— Stephanie Clark

  5 Stars    It's not "WHAT you do" but "HOW you do it" that makes a difference!!   (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

Just 6 weeks ago I made a decision to change directions in my life and pursue a career as a Professional Real Estate Agent. Not exactly knowing the processes of how to get that done, I asked a lot of questions to a lot of people. While looking for some solid direction, I was not only the beneficiary of some great information, I was also introduced to Mark T. Wehner.

Though I have known Mark for quite some time, I was not aware of his expertise in Real Estate Training, Development and Continued Education. Wow, talk about impressive!
Mark's unique, proven and highly successful methods of teaching are truly "State of the Art" They not only apply directly to Real Estate Training, Education and Exam Prep, they can be applied to all topics of study, regardless of genre with the same expectations of immediate success!!!

Under Mark's instruction and that of Russ Williams (Real Estate Finance Instructor) as well, I successfully completed 60 hours of required classroom education and the Real Estate Exam preparation in 5 weeks. It wasn't easy but it was certainly doable! In addition, I PASSED both the National and State Real Estate Exam on my "first attempt" and am now ready to practice Real Estate.

Keep in mind, this may or may not have happened under someone else's instruction, I don't know. But I do know this, "IT DID" HAPPEN" at Mark T. Wehner's Reesults Coaching Real Estate and I highly recommend his classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn it right the first time around!!

— Joe Hurley - Omaha, NE

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