Mark Wehner - Sunday, March 20, 2016

REEfact #4:  Entrepreneurial "insanity" is doing the same thing this year that you did last year and expecting your competition to do the same.

 It's really amazing how many entrepreneurs seldom realize the impact of competition until it's too late!  Often entrepreneurs are so focused on a "so last year" business plan that fails to take in consideration the actions and counter actions of competitors.  

We've all heard the iconic phrase..."if it isn't broke, don't fix it!" That's typically the beginning of the death spiral of businesses that fail to take notice of what and how their competition is positioning themselves in the marketplace against your product or service.  The successful entrepreneurs coin their own phrase..."if it isn't broke, BREAK IT!"  They consistently take what they know about their competitors and the market place and "build a better mouse trap" at every opportunity.  While competitors work on their R.O.I. (Return on Investment)...successful entrepreneurs will focus and act on the entrepreneurial R.O.I...RETURN ON INNOVATION!  "Innovate or else" needs to be the cornerstone of your entrepreneurial venture to consistently out-pace and out-perform your competitors!  



Mark Wehner - Saturday, July 18, 2015

REEfact #3: The entrepreneur knows that almost anything works...if you do.

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed.  They are the people that move beyond the dreaming, wishing, and hoping stage...rapidly!  This is what sets them apart from the dreamers, wishers, and hopers that never get off their keesters and take the necessary actions to turn their potential into possibilities.  Most of the business world has built itself on "What If?"  "What if" we do this...or that?  "What if" the competition does this...or that?  Businesses often run with this "what if" business plan with the every failing vision of..." if it isn't broke...don't fix it!"

Entrepreneurship has built itself upon "What if I can...?"  It is that personal committment...that "one person can make a difference" mentality that applies the empowering vision of..."if it isn't broke...BREAK IT!"  Because the present plan has, can and will only take you to it's present level of success...NEVER higher.  With that, the entrepreneur must "work" it!  The entrepreneur must "commit" to change first...then "work" to make the change...no matter what the change...better than the past! That is how the vision grows.  This is why "almost anything works...if you do!" 


Mark Wehner - Saturday, July 11, 2015

REEfact #2: Entrepreneurs understand that successful endeavors are a "by-product" of quality relationships.

Few succeed by "winking at prospects in the dark"!  If that's your plan of action...then obviously you are the only one that knows what you are doing.  This is why entrepreneurs initially tend to begin to build their dreams in a vacuum.  They typically do it this way  because it's easier to fail when few know your agenda.  The "over-the-top", successful entrepreneurs realize early on to tap into the knowledge, energies, and support of those entities and individuals that can best help them.  In order to do this...the entrepreneur applies an enlightening networking strategy of "mutual benefits".   This strategy targets those individuals that offer the best ongoing counsel and encouragement.  Having resoursces...both finanicial and human...are cornerstones of entrepreneurial success.       


Mark Wehner - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REEfact #1: Entrepreneurs know that the coach cannot teach if the entrepreneur is not willing to learn.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that often it's not how much they know...but how fast they can learn.  The unrestricted passion to learn is the greatest asset an entrepreneur can possess.  When the entrepreneur is not willing to learn and proves to be uncoachable they literally have written the obituary for the chosen endeavor in advance of any mental, physical or financial meltdown.  This REEfact, the first in my book 1440-Empowering Entrepreneurs Every Minute Of The Day, sets the stage for my passion, drive, and purpose for this entrepreneurial blog.  From this point forward, enjoy your entrepreneurial experience...every minute of the day! 

REEThink Entrepreneurial REEiteration

Mark Wehner - Monday, August 18, 2014

Have you ever heard someone say…"Let me reiterate…"?  More than likely it was said in a context of  "wanting to make a strong point"…again…and again.  In the business world these "reiterated points" can be either positive or negative.  However…within the entrepreneurial context…REEiteration is one of the most powerful and positive actions an entrepreneur can employ.

According to the Meridian-Webster Dictionary…"Reiterate means to state or do over again or repeatedly sometimes with wearying effect."  According to REEsults Coaching…"REEiterate means to see the value in seemingly obscure activities…and take repeated action to successfully complete these "day-to-day" activities even though…on the surface…seem to be unimportant to the overall vision of the entrepreneur."

Let's talk about three entrepreneurial "value activities" hidden in REEiteration.

First…the REEiterating "self talk".  It's a message that the entrepreneur must deliver repeatedly…every day…with themselves to launch every entrepreneurial day.  It's that little voice that tells the entrepreneur "everything matters"!  Everything…from the dream..to the drive…all the way past dedication…these REEiterations…although sometimes framed in wearying actions…profess that everything matters in entrepreneurial success.

Second…REEiterating relationships.  From a smile…to a personal note…to public recognition of appreciation and a "job well done"…the entrepreneur needs recognize the value of those that have hitched their wagon to our entrepreneurial endeavor.  These relationships go beyond the workplace.  These relationships include family, friends…and sometimes naysayers.  Successful entrepreneurs find ways to REEiterate the value of accomplishments, achievements, and actions of those individuals the entrepreneur deems worthy of their regard.

Third…REEiterating the system.  Every entrepreneur creates…or has a system…whose purpose must be REEiterated at every turn. Successful entrepreneurs realize that the littlest…mundane…"repeated" action…is critical to the entire purpose.  It's that one action…small and often overlooked…that left undone…stalls everything!  It's like starting a car.  It is a simple process in today's world.  All it takes is to turn a key or push a button.  Once turned…or pushed…an entire series of things happen that get things rolling!  It is the entrepreneurs duty…from turning the key or pushing the button…to assume responsibility for the speed and direction of the endeavor.

From this day forward…REEiterate these three important "value activities" FIRST…above everything else…in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

REEaffirm Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Daily

Mark Wehner - Friday, August 15, 2014

Every day entrepreneurs encounter that one negative person that criticizes you; and your dream. Some are subtle statements; some are openly derogatory.  Each encounter with these naysayers requires the same…unyielding response from the entrepreneur. This response must be concise, to-the-point, and crystal clear to REEaffirm the entrepreneurs belief and passion in their chosen endeavor.

Here is the interesting "entrepreneurial" spin…look for a "naysayer-a-day."  Seek them out!  Put yourself in their negative cross-hairs!  Sometimes…if need be…find a way to engage and encourage their negativity towards you and your dream.  Like the one-a-day vitamin…this search can be the single source of motivation and inspiration if the entrepreneur understands how to take advantage of this nay-saying opportunity.

How so?  Science has confirmed that for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction.  So…how does the entrepreneur apply this science?  It is what I call a BFO…Blinding Flash of the Obvious!   Thus, the stronger the critique…the more effective and powerful the REEaffirmation.  It seems to be a common trait among to entrepreneurs to place themselves in a vacuum.  This vacuum is defense mechanism that is designed to protect them from harsh criticism.  However…when the entrepreneur tries to protect themselves from these negative prognosticators…they lose the opportunity to REEaffirm their belief in their passion!  When the entrepreneur puts themselves "out there"…on the firing line…the open target for everything the meek and timid try to avoid…an interesting thing happens.  The entrepreneur get the opportunity to defend…sometimes openly…their commitment to their dream.  Magically…they are given yet another venue REEaffirm their undying belief that are on track…moving in the right direction…taking that one extra step towards something that can make a positive difference in their lives…and everyone they encounter.

Understanding this REEaffirmation principle can be the single most important…positive source…for sustained entrepreneurial growth.  Now…go out there and look for the naysayers…find them…look them in the eye…and give them a chance to criticize!   When you do…you give yourself the chance to REEaffirm all that is holy to the aspiring entrepreneur.

REEmember…REEthink Everything!

Mark Wehner is a consummate entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of REEsults Coaching and REEsults Networking.  As an internationally recognized public speaker and blogger, he shares his expertise that has spanned over three decades of entrepreneurial business coaching and leadership training successes.

REEvisualize Your Entrepreneurial Success

Mark Wehner - Friday, August 15, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase…"visualize your success!"?  Visualization is a common tool used by coaches of all kinds: business, sports, etc.  It is the process of seeing your accomplishments before they happen.  The theory is that when one can actually see…or visualize…themselves actually taking specific actions that bring about the desired result…the result manifests itself to match the visualization.  It is actually seeing something happen in advance of the happening; thus making the visualized happening a reality.

Does visualization work?  Those that discount this process often forget that everything every accomplished started with a visualization of a successful outcome.  A visualization that was the specific picture of success.  A visualization that proved to be the entrepreneurial passion that drives the entrepreneurial performance…that culminates in entrepreneurial success.

Since visualization often has been the genesis of the entrepreneur's passion…how is it that REEvisualization is so critical to the ongoing success of the entrepreneur?  Everyday the entrepreneur faces challenges.  These challenges present themselves in many forms.  One way the successful entrepreneur deals with these challenges is to REEvisualilze. The entrepreneur must REEvisualize the desired outcome given the new challenges.  The challenge…and it's resolution…takes a new vision to solve the new problem.   Why? Because entrepreneurs know that you seldom solve existing problems with the level of knowledge and field of vision that created the problem.  Solutions are always found by seeing things…visualizing…through a different set of entrepreneurial lenses.  Seeing things differently…basically REEvisualizing…is just one of the entrepreneurial keys to success.

REEmember…REEthink Everything!

Mark Wehner is a consumate entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of REEsults Coaching and REEsults Networking.  As an internationally recognized public speaker and blogger, he shares his expertise that has spanned over three decades of entrepreneurial business coaching and leadership training successes.


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