08-03 - Real Estate Salesperson Exam Prep

Class Schedule:

Date(s) Day(s) Time Duration
03-Aug-19 Saturday 8:30am-Noon 3hrs

General Info:

Course Title 08-03 - Real Estate Salesperson Exam Prep
Tuition $145
Instructor Mark Wehner
Course Type Classroom
Location Omaha Area Board of Realtors: 11830 Nicholas Street, Omaha, NE 68154
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Course Overview:

This Exam Prep Class focuses on YOUR targeted questions!

Each Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Session is designed for each attendee to get the answers they need to their specific real estate exam prep questions.

  • Advancedpreparation is the key to maximize the benefits of each session.
  • This is NOT a lecture! Questions on every area on the Real Estate Exam are welcomed! Get all your math, law, terms and vocabulary, principles, and practice questions answered!
  • Each session will begin with an overview of How to Study for; AND Pass the Real Estate Exam.

You are welcome to 'Drop-in-and-go'! Show up; get your question(s) answered and leave. You may also benefit from attending any and all sessions and staying for the entire session. Shared knowledge and networking is always an effective method of learning new and complex material.

Course Includes:

The COMPLETE Package includes:
Course Text #1: $65 (Included)
  • Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam
  • Includes (2) - 110 question Practice Sales Exams
Course Text #2: $40 (Included)
  • How to Study for and PASS a Multiple Choice Real Estate Exam
  • How To Study for and Pass the AMP Multiple-Choice Real Estate Exams
  • Includes key strategies and our exclusive test taking methodologies that virtually eliminates 'test anxiety!'
Nebraska Real Estate License Laws Practice Exam: 160 questions
  • National Real Estate Practice Exams: (2) - 110 questions each
  • Nebraska Real Estate License Laws Practice Exam: 160 questions
  • Nebraska Real Estate Definitions Practice Exam - 98 questions
  • National/Nebraska Exam Prep Sample Exams: (2) 145+ test questions each
  • Real Estate MATH Practice Exam: 50 questions with itemized solutions/answers

Total Investment: $145.00

Course Notes:

Note: As a prerequisite to attending a classroom coaching session you will be expected to complete and correct all applicable exam prep test questions in our text and have your questions ready for discussion. It is advised you pay for the Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions and receive our exam prep text in advance. Please bring your paid receipt to your first session.

* We offer our Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions every FIRST and THIRD Saturday morning of the month, unless otherwise posted or email notified. You can attend any and all Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions until you pass the real estate exam; AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!


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