Getting Started in the Licensing Process

First, it's a very well defined process to secure your real estate license!  Know that all of us at REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate are here to help guide you throughout the entire process. We have included some informative facts and procedures on this page to help get you moving towards acquiring your real estate salesperson or broker license. Also, we've listed all the necessary educational and financial requirements you’ll need to consider.

Top 10 Questions and Answers to  help you get up and running fast:

  1. Are classes available in both classroom and online courses?   Yes!
  2. Is there a specific order in which the classes must be taken?  No!
  3. How long is each classroom course? Typically 9 Classes-2 nights a week
    • Each student is required to be present, in class, for 30 hours
  4. What if I miss a class?  You can make up the missed class in the next session
  5. Can I take both (2) classes at the same time?  Yes!  Many of our student take two classes simultaneously.  Our comprehensive, “real world-practical application” study methodology allows you to learn the material faster and easier that the “old school-academic” learning process!
  6. Are there online options to meet the pre-license requirements?  Yes!
    • We offer two online options!
    • Our pre-license online “hybrid” FUSION program offers the benefits of self-paced study combined with personal tutoring and classroom auditing at no additional charge.
    • We also offer the pre-license BASIC self-study online. The BASIC program is your normal online format and does not offer the personal tutoring or classroom auditing option.
  7. What day and time are the pre-license classes held?  Monday-Thursday… 6:15-10pm
  8. Where are the classes taught?  The Omaha Area Board of REALTORS, 11830 Nicholas St. Omaha, NE
  9. How do I register for real estate classes?  All classroom schedules and options are listed on our website
  10. If I have any further questions… what do I do?  Email: or Call: Mark Wehner (402) 676-0101


General Salesperson/Broker License Requirements

High School Diploma or G.E.D./ 60 hrs (2 courses) of Pre-License Education
Current Criminal History Report Approval of Application Exam score of 75%
Associate Broker/Broker
High School Diploma or G.E.D./ 180 hrs (6 courses) of Pre-License Education or 120 hrs (4 courses) of Pre-License Education and 2 yrs full-time Salesperson Experience or part-time equivalent
None or 2 years
Current Criminal History Report Approval of Application Exam score of 75%

General Financial Requirements

  • Pre-License Courses:  $240 each (includes text)
  • 2 (30 hour) Classes for the Salesperson Exam = $480
  • 6 (30 hour) Courses for Broker Exam = $1,440
  • or 4 (30 Hour) Courses for Broker Exam ($960) AND 2 years full-time Salesperson Experience
  • Exam Prep: $145/Salesperson $165/Broker
  • Exam Simulator(s):  STATE Exam-$97   NATIONAL Exam-$97
  • Application Fee:  $285 (includes $150 Exam Fee)  Exam Retakes:  $150 each
  • Fingerprint Fee:  $45.25

About the Nebraska Real Estate Exam

The real estate salesperson exam is a multiple choice, two section exam. The first section, the state portion, contains 50 questions covering Nebraska license law and rules and regulations. The second section, the national portion, consists of 100 questions based upon six content areas: Listing Property, Selling Property, Property Management, Settlement/Transfer, Financing, and Professional Responsibility. Only about 10% of the questions require mathematical calculations. To pass the salesperson's licensing exam, students must earn a score of 75% on the state portion and 70% on the national portion. Effective February 6, 2013, candidates taking the salesperson licensing exam who pass one section of the exam (state or national) but not the other will be allowed to retain credit for the section they passed and will be required to pass only the section they did not pass so long as they pass that failed section within three additional tries or six months, whichever comes first. If they cannot pass the failed section within three tries or six months, they will begin a new cycle for passing the exam.

The real estate broker's exam is a 75 multiple-choice question (25 from the state pool and 50 from the national pool) test.  I also includes eight simulation exercises. On the simulation exercises broker candidates will be graded on their information gathering skills and decision-making skills. Students need to achieve a passing grade on all three scores (multiple choice, information gathering, and decision making) to pass the broker examination. If you fail one section it is deemed to fail the entire exam, and the entire broker's exam will need to be retaken.

Exam Prep Course Guidelines and Policies

  • If a student fails the licensing exam he may retake any of our Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions FREE of charge.
  • A High School Diploma or equivalent is required to apply for a real estate license to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
  • You must provide the Nebraska Real Estate Commission with a criminal background check and fingerprint cards; See Nebraska State Patrol.
  • Any travel/lodging or ancillary expenses for any students attending any of the classes shall be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Replacement cost for the text, for any reason, shall be $65 plus shipping and handling (if required).
  • Smoking is not allowed in the classroom or the facility where the classes are being held.
  • Recording devices are welcome.

TIPS for Proceeding Through the Application Process Most Expidiently

While there are at least three parties that can affect this process; the applicant, the State Patrol and the Real Estate Commission, we would like to share with you what we believe will be the most expedient manner in which to pursue a real estate license.

  1. Obtain an application packet either from the office or online
  2. Submit the application and fees to the Commission
  3. Upon receiving the application, the Commission will, immediately, return fingerprint cards with instructions to the applicant
  4. Pursue the fingerprint process as soon as possible; be aware that it is taking on average 4-6 weeks for criminal reports to be received in the Commission office, background check fees are paid directly to the State Patrol
  5. While waiting for the report, provide everything else required for a complete application:
    • course completion certificates or transcripts if qualifying through education and examination;
    • those seeking licensing through the license recognition process will need to make arrangements for a Certification of License History, relative to the license being recognized, to be sent directly to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (Must not be more than 30 days old at the time the license will be issued)
  6. When the criminal background report has been received in the Commission office a letter will be mailed to the applicant indicating either:
    • the application is complete and an appointment may be made to take the examination,
    • the application is incomplete and listing the items remaining for a complete application Applicants will no longer have to call periodically to see if the Commission has received the background report; we will confirm receipt with one of the letters described in this section.
  7. To have a license issued upon successfully passing the examination, applicants must submit the following:
    • License Issuance form
    • License Issuance fee
    • If seeking active status: ü proof of errors and omissions insurance; üall necessary information regarding the manner in which they intend to do business Please remember that applications, with their fees, are only considered current for one year from the date we receive them. Therefore, it is in the applicant’s best interest that he/she pursue the fingerprinting process immediately upon receiving the fingerprint cards from the Commission.

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