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Attending REEsults Coaching was the Best Decision I Ever Made!

Originally completing Larabee and attempting the real estate exam proved to be more difficult than I had thought. I was discouraged after failing the state and national exams miserably but was given Mark's contact information.

Attending REEsults Coaching was the best decision I ever made! Small class sessions, flexibility on schedules, and some of the strongest knowledge in the industry are just a few of the wonderful experiences I walked away with. I learned more in the one month I attended classes than the 6 months it took me to get through Larabee.

Everything that Judi taught actually made sense and the process that Mark suggests to help pass the exam really made sense. I walked away from exam prep with a new found confidence, a wealth of knowledge, a respect for the instructors I never thought possible, and a passing grade on the state and national exams.

I will recommend REEsults Coaching to every person I encounter that is beginning their real estate journey. This program is by far the best program I could have ever asked for. —Thank You!

— Ashley Perez

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