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The Exam Prep Course Through REEsults was Outstanding

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Mark Wehner. I was attending another school in town and was having a hard time passing a class. I had one more shot to take a test with no option but get a high score or take the class over. It was at this time a mutual friend introduced me to Mark. Using Mark's advice and study techniques, I was able to pass that class with an almost perfect score!

I decided to take the Exam prep through REEsults and it was then that it seemed like I was seeing most of the information for the first time which made me very nervous about testing for my license. What I wasn't aware of is that I WAS seeing much of the information for the first time. After this, I enrolled and took Modern Real Estate Practice which was like Principles & Practices course again through REEsults along with their exam prep.

The course through REEsults was outstanding. Judi has to be one of the most knowledgeable and creative teachers I have ever had. Along with REEsults study techniques and Judi's wisdom – everything for the first time just made sense!! Judi not only brings working knowledge to the material but is such a pleasure to be around. I appreciate so much the pleasure of attending classes at REEsults and look forward to future continuing education opportunities. I can confidently say that if you want the best of the best to move your success forward, REEsults is the only option. Mark and Judi are both such a class act and I look forward to all opportunities to work with them again! Thank you!!!!

— Tanya Blocker

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