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REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate’s students tell us that our always UP-TO-DATE curriculum, exclusive study materials and unique test taking strategies are unmatched in the Real Estate education marketplace. Our Instructors/Coaches have decades of diverse 'real-world' Real Estate experience. Our Students of all ages and backgrounds frequently pass the Real Estate Exam on their FIRST TRY! —See our Rave REEviews!

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See our Student Exam Prep Courses success stories and what they have to say…

  5 Stars    "Nailed it! Passed both exams today in a little under two hours!    (Exam Prep)  28-Jun-2017

"Nailed it! Passed both exams today in a little under two hours!

— Todd Knorr, Lincoln

  5 Stars    This information got me through my test!    (Exam Prep)  29-Dec-2017

Mark is very entertaining and great source for all of my questions. His prep Class made sence of how to take the test and the material that comes with the class is what got me to pass the tests. His help also went beyond the class setting and shows that he really wants to help people. Thank you!

— Aaron Haffke

  5 Stars    Attending REEsults Coaching was the Best Decision I Ever Made!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Originally completing Larabee and attempting the real estate exam proved to be more difficult than I had thought. I was discouraged after failing the state and national exams miserably but was given Mark's contact information.

Attending REEsults Coaching was the best decision I ever made! Small class sessions, flexibility on schedules, and some of the strongest knowledge in the industry are just a few of the wonderful experiences I walked away with. I learned more in the one month I attended classes than the 6 months it took me to get through Larabee.

Everything that Judi taught actually made sense and the process that Mark suggests to help pass the exam really made sense. I walked away from exam prep with a new found confidence, a wealth of knowledge, a respect for the instructors I never thought possible, and a passing grade on the state and national exams.

I will recommend REEsults Coaching to every person I encounter that is beginning their real estate journey. This program is by far the best program I could have ever asked for. —Thank You!

— Ashley Perez

  5 Stars    I passed the Broker Exam yesterday! Scored a 92 on IG!   (Exam Prep)  28-Jul-2017

This was my second attempt and I scored a 92 on IG and an 82 on DM on the Broker's Simulation Exam. I studied the Broker Simulation material you provided to the point that I had memorized every simulation and scored a 100% on all 12 simulations. I would advise that people studying for the Broker Simulation do the same, the Simulation was the most challenging part of the exam for me and studying it to the point of memorization is what I feel enabled me to pass. Anyway, thank you so much for your help and study material. You have devoted a lot of time and effort to develop a study program and material to enable others to be able to start and/or advance in the real estate profession and you should be proud of what you have developed.

— C. Mikkelsen

  5 Stars    I highly encourage anyone who is wanting to take their salesperson exam or brokers exam to first take your course!   (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

I took the course from Mark for my brokers exam and was very impressed with the information and studying process he taught us. Completely made a difference when I sat for my brokers exam.

I live a great distance from Omaha and Mark still was able to guide me and answer all my questions via email, phone and text.

I am not the best test taker, but went in with the confidence I needed to pass, all in due to Mark and his great program. This way of studying and taking a test is also something I have passed along to my kids.

Thank you Mark and I highly encourage anyone who is wanting to take their salesperson exam or brokers exam to first take your course!

— Holli N., Scottsbluff, NE

  5 Stars    I PASSED both parts of the broker exams on the FIRST TRY.   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Good job, Mark. Very professionally thought out course for my needs - as a Nebraska Real Estate Broker Candidate.

Mark's materials helped immensely. Also, I had a few questions, from a distance point of view (150 miles from the Omaha headquarters) that I needed to have clarified. I would either call or text Mark, which he encouraged me to do, and he would respond almost immediately. I was very pleased with this personal service. I would recommend using his materials and services to help pass your licensee exams.

— Jamie W.

  5 Stars    I passed both the general (national exam) and the state exam the first time I took them!   (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

I used the online version of the Reesults Coaching to prepare for my Nebraska real estate license exam. I found it very easy to use and full of easy to understand information. The exam prep class was excellent and the practice exams were very similar to the actual license exam. I passed both the general (national exam) and the state exam the first time I took them! I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

— Mark R., Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    I Passed My Brokers Exam! First Try!   (Exam Prep)  24-Jun-2017

Mark, Just thought I would let you know that I passed my Brokers exam (on the first try) May 19th. Your material was VERY helpful, and was the KEY to me passing. I will recommend, and refer you in the future.

— Luke E., Omaha

  5 Stars    I passed the First Time!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I am a horrible test taker. I also really hate tests too. I was skeptical about if this program could actually help me pass the exam. After talking with Mark I was convinced I should try the class out. I spent $165 on the full package to pass the Broker's Exam. I followed his suggestions and studied the material. After going through the material I figured I would give the Broker's Test a shot. I passed the first time! I was able to pass with just the materials he sent to study and I did not have to go to the class. This program works but you must study and go through all the material. It is put together very well and easy to understand. If you put the effort into this class, you will pass your exam. Final thought, I would have paid at least double maybe more for this material, had I known I would pass the first time! It was worth it.

— David L.

  5 Stars    I took my first Real Estate test 32 years and passed!    (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

I took my real estate test 32 years and passed. I let my license lapse a few years ago but decided to get back into the business. I had some apprehension about passing the test as I was sure things had changed dramatically. I reached out to Mark as we have been in the business together and I was well aware of his stellar reputation on his classes and pre-license training. I studied very diligently and used his techniques and methods exactly how Mark presented. I passed both sections of the test in a little over 2 hours and owe almost 100% of this success to Mark-my studying contributed obviously but with his technique-the studying was well directed. I am 61 years old-passed the test the first time-If I can do it-you can. He has my complete endorsement-Thanks Mark !!!

— Kevin I.

  5 Stars    I was skeptical about your approach and methodology, but now I'm a true believer!   (Exam Prep)  23-Nov-2016

I just finished taking the state and national exams for the first time after taking your course. Before I tell you the results I will be the first to admit I was skeptical about your approach and methodology but as adhered to your instructions and study methods I began to understand your approach to this. I could see during my studying and adhering to your methods that you could really see the answers jumping out. I passed both exams on the first attempt. I am a true believer to your approach to not only this exam but how to approach any exam in this format in the future. I look forward to being able to thank you personally in the very near future.

— Dave

  5 Stars    I would highly recommend REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I started taking classes in February and slowly paced myself through the course work as I am also working another full time job. I used his materials and techniques to study and they really helped me out. I am not someone who generally does well on tests however today I am proud to say I passed my test, both National and State, on my first try!

I could not have done this without the help of Mark, Russ and all of my peers that were in class with me. If I could recommend Mark and his Real Estate School ten times over I'd do it eleven!!

— Cody B

  5 Stars    I'm looking forward to taking more classes from REEsults Coaching in the future.   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

After failing the Nebraska Real Estate Salesperson exam twice, I was determined to find a better way. Mark provided the fresh start, test-taking strategy and better understanding of the material that I needed to finally pass the exam. Not only is he an industry expert, but his passion is contagious and keeps you moving forward with a very positive outlook. His Salesperson Exam Prep course and materials transformed my experience and approach - this absolutely works if you follow the study plan and apply the strategies he provides. I finally passed the exam with hours to spare and I owe that to Mark without question. If you are looking to pass the exam on your first try or if you have not been successful in the past, I highly recommend Mark's Real Estate Exam Prep at REEsults Coaching. You will go into the exam with the confidence knowing you WILL pass, anxiety-free! If I could start all over, I would have taken my core classes and exam prep all from Mark from the beginning. It would have saved me time, money and the stress of failing the exam twice.

If you are interested in taking the Nebraska Real Estate Salesperson exam, I highly recommend Mark's program - you will pass with flying colors and feel prepared to start your career with an energized approach! I encourage everyone I know to go through REEsults Coaching for all of your real estate education needs, it's the most valuable investment you can make in yourself!

— Taylor P.

  5 Stars    I PASSED!!!!   (Exam Prep)  18-Dec-2017

Wow!! I passed with the help from Mark!! He had awesome study materials for me. He responded to text messages or calls right away to help with questions I had. Thank you so much Mark! I hope everyone hears about your class I will spread the word!! Thank you again Jacklyn

— Jacklyn Wiese

  5 Stars    Mark makes learning easy and fun.   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I hate tests and obsess about them constantly until they are over. I was worried sick about being able to pass the real estate tests and get my license. I am proud to say that I have passed both of the tests and frankly, many times, I knew the question before I read it! That is right - the question. Mark makes learning easy and fun. He has turned traditional education and test prep on its head. If you want to pass the exam and get a head start on really understanding the art of real estate, I highly suggest you enroll in Mark's school. Each session is fun and informative! There are no lectures, no reading of useless information. Your time is spent getting ready for the test and getting excited about your future. I highly recommend REEsults Coaching and look forward to attending many more classes with Mark and his team.

— Judy Varner, Omaha

  5 Stars    Mark Wehner's REEsults Coaching process is revolutionary!   (Exam Prep)  18-Jan-2017

Mark Wehner's REEsults Coaching process is revolutionary. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious and stimulating. The fresh approach to information sharing provides for a fun and an exceptionally rewarding learning experience. Classroom phobia is quickly replaced by a desire to participate. I am completely comfortable recommending REEsults Coaching's School of Real Estate to anyone that is serious about joining the real estate Industry and wanting to hit the ground running.

— Scott K. Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    Mark's class was phenomenal!!    (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Not only does he supply you with prep exams to help prepare you for the material on the test, but HOW to take the test as well. That's just as important since the real estate exam is meant to trip you up and make you fail. If you follow his direction you WILL pass! I highly recommend Mark's class if you're looking to take the State and National Real Estate Exam.

— Mindy M.

  5 Stars    Mark's coaching is second to none.    (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

You will have the materials you need and most importantly you will know how to study them. Would recommend to anybody wanting to get into real estate.

— Evan K.

  5 Stars    Mark's Exam Prep Course is Strongly Recommended!   ()  22-Nov-2016

Mark's system works! I couldn't recommend Mark's Exam Prep Course strongly enough! If you want your best opportunity to pass the real estate exam....take your classes at REEsults Coaching's School of Real Estate; and follow Marks instructions to the letter. Marks system works!

— Bob Neussendorfer

  5 Stars    PASSED both the State and the National on the FIRST try!!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

After taking a 3 day real estate exam prep course at another school in town, I left feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. I heard about Mark's REEsults Coaching School and decided to give it a try. He gave us test taking strategies and lots of helpful study materials. I took my tests two weeks later and PASSED both the State and the National on the FIRST try!! Following Mark's test taking methods and studying all of his materials was the key to my success! I highly recommend REEsults Coaching and thank Mark for sharing his expertise!

— Chrissy C. Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    Passed State and National First Try!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Gal at the testing office was surprised - mentioned less than 30% pass both on first attempt.

Walked in with a lot of confidence that Mark's course gave me the right info AND process of how to study and take the tests.

— Adam W.

  5 Stars    Passed the County Assessor Exam on My First Try!   (Exam Prep)  11-Nov-2017

Mark, I wanted to let you know that I passed the County Assessor exam on my first try while there were individuals taking the exam for their second and third time. The lesson on how to take test played a big role in my successfully completing the exam. Just wanted to say, “Thank You!”

— Walt Peffer

  5 Stars    Passed the exams on the First Try thanks to Mark!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

If you're still shopping around for courses, instructors, or even a school to prep you for the must consider and enroll in REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate if you want proven results! His method of instruction is effective, materials are spot on, and his real-world experiences provide for interesting anecdotes that tie what we study into how it applies to being a salesperson. Even if you suffer from test anxiety as some of us do (I have a friend that might), he provides logical methods to focus on while taking the test. Ultimately, check him out, talk to previous students if necessary, and make an have exams to pass!

— Arley M. Bellevue, NE

  5 Stars    Passed the first time! Thank you for your help both in class and the study materials!   (Exam Prep)  23-Nov-2016

“I wanted to let you know after taking your class, I studied the materials for a couple of months and took the exam end of October- and passed the first time! So I wanted to write and say thank you for your help both in class and the study materials…I started at CBRE Mega beginning of November and I am so excited!”

— Emily R

  5 Stars    REEsults Coaching was very instrumental in my passing the state and national exam.   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Mark's passion and caring ways, will always inspire me to help others. I took my classes at a different school in which the curriculum was very outdated. I didn't realize this until it was time for the test, needless to say it didn't go very well. I turned to Mark and with some time he got me where I needed to be so I was successful on both tests! Mark is the difference.

— Doug Throener

  5 Stars    REEsults Exam Prep Course is Highly Recommended!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I was able to take and pass the exam with 37 minutes to spare!

After taking my classes elsewhere and then failing the exam, I discovered Marks Exam Prep Course by accident really. He exposed the process of taking the exam in such a way that it really forced a different way of thinking. This thought process took a few weeks to "click", but once it did, I was able to take and pass the exam with 37 minutes to spare and with almost no stress. Marks approach is dynamic and unlike anything else I have ever seen. I will without any hesitation take every class I can. I want to learn as much about the real estate business as I can, and I can think of no one better to learn it from than REEsults Coaching This is an excellent resource for existing and new Real Estate Professionals.

— Joseph Moore

  5 Stars    Results Coaching is top notch!    (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

The classes are very informative and instructors are experienced in their fields. The test prep class is a MUST and Mark is willing to help and answer any and all questions with real life scenarios, which lend to full understanding. He is genuinely concerned with helping those in his class not only pass the test, but be successful! Since I passed my test, I look forward to the CE classes at Reesults coaching!

— Karen S., Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    So happy to have chosen REEsults Coaching!!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Thank you Mark for sharing your expertise and proven approach to test taking! Setting aside 'old school' methods of test taking allowed me to trust Marks instruction and guidance to pass both National and State exams!

— Jo R.

  5 Stars    The classes are awesome and very constructed!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I wasn't sure if I wanted to be in real estate but taking Mark's classes give me the knowledge and stories to give me the confidences to know I could do this!! I would highly recommend REEsults coaching to anyone who ask me!! I loved his reviews and especially the exam prep would of never been ready to take the national and state!! Mark is someone who has been in the business for many of years and he gives you real life situations that it's makes it easier to understand!! Thanks again Mark!

— Kaylie M.

  5 Stars    The Exam Prep Course Through REEsults was Outstanding   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Mark Wehner. I was attending another school in town and was having a hard time passing a class. I had one more shot to take a test with no option but get a high score or take the class over. It was at this time a mutual friend introduced me to Mark. Using Mark's advice and study techniques, I was able to pass that class with an almost perfect score!

I decided to take the Exam prep through REEsults and it was then that it seemed like I was seeing most of the information for the first time which made me very nervous about testing for my license. What I wasn't aware of is that I WAS seeing much of the information for the first time. After this, I enrolled and took Modern Real Estate Practice which was like Principles & Practices course again through REEsults along with their exam prep.

The course through REEsults was outstanding. Judi has to be one of the most knowledgeable and creative teachers I have ever had. Along with REEsults study techniques and Judi's wisdom – everything for the first time just made sense!! Judi not only brings working knowledge to the material but is such a pleasure to be around. I appreciate so much the pleasure of attending classes at REEsults and look forward to future continuing education opportunities. I can confidently say that if you want the best of the best to move your success forward, REEsults is the only option. Mark and Judi are both such a class act and I look forward to all opportunities to work with them again! Thank you!!!!

— Tanya Blocker

  5 Stars    The Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam was Perfect!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

Passed both tests yesterday and was quite pleased, obviously. I found your course to be the key to passing the tests. Although I never partook in your Saturday morning sessions, the Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam was perfect. And your comments on how to take a multiple course test were most helpful. Again, the material you "peddle" is excellent! I highly recommend it.

— Scott Risch

  5 Stars    The materials and methods provided by the Review class were absolutely vital to my success in passing the Real Estate exam the first time.   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

There were many terms and several concepts that were totally left out of the study materials at the other school, but I was able to study them thanks to the REEsults information.

I took my course work elsewhere, and scored very well on all exams I took for those classes. However, I know without a doubt that if I hadn't received the book, practice exams, and other review materials from REEsults review class that I would have failed the actual exam.

— Kiley H.

  5 Stars    The resources Mark provided me with were crucial to me passing the exam!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is preparing to take the real estate exam.

I will admit, it was not an easy test at all, but with his help, I was able to understand the concepts better and Mark helped me apply the questions to real-life situations.

— JT O.

  5 Stars    This is an excellent resource for existing and new Real Estate Professionals!   (Exam Prep)  22-Nov-2016

I was able pass the exam my FIRST time and in under 2 hours total!!!

I had the opportunity to meet with Mark and discuss what I needed from a Real Estate prep course. After speaking with Mark, receiving his materials, learning his method and attending just 1 prep seminar I was able pass the exam my FIRST time and in under 2 hours total!!! The way Mark explains his philosophy of test taking and the materials he provides is above and beyond what I previously received! The Verbiage, structure and ideas within the REEsults Coaching program are almost verbatim what you can expect from the test! Mark believes in his students and will do whatever it takes for them to be successful, I highly recommend the materials he provides, but more importantly I recommend Mark's enthusiasm and confidence in making the program an industry leading curriculum.

— Steve Foster

  5 Stars    This is definitely an investment in your real estate career!   (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

This is such an amazing tool for feeling more comfortable and confident about the real estate test! I took some other prep courses, and left feeling anxious and uncertain about the test and the material. After taking this course and going through the material, I felt so much better about taking the test and went into it knowing I knew how to read and understand the questions! This is definitely an investment in your real estate career!

— Maggie K., Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    Passed the test on the 1st try!   (Exam Prep)  29-Dec-2017

This class and the methods taught were great. Mark’s techniques helped me relax for the test, and it only took me 2hrs 10 minutes to pass both sections of the state! The materials provided were perfect.

— Vladimir B

See our Student Pre-License Courses success stories and what they have to say…

  5 Stars    BY THE WAY DID I TELL YOU I PASSED MY TEST!!!!! :)    (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

Mark has a true drive and passion in helping you pass the test to begin your career. I PASSED after taking Mark's course and learning his strategy after taking the test several times before and being unsuccessful. The format in the study material is similar types of questions your are presented on the actual test which made the whole journey much less frustrating. Strongly encourage anyone taking the salesperson or broker test to learn his strategy.

— Mandy A.

  5 Stars    Essential Information for Passing the National Real Estate Exam!   (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

I bought the book suggested by Mark Wehner's REEsults Coaching and learned a lot of essential information that I needed to know for the national portion of the real estate exam. This same information was missing from the class instruction and materials I'd received at another local real estate school. I am certain that the REEsults coaching textbook and CD prepared me to pass the national portion of the exam on the first try. I cannot recommend this program enough. Be smart and invest in REEsults Coaching!

— Stephanie Clark

  5 Stars    Exactly what I needed!   (Exam Prep)  07-Jun-2017

Mark's pre-license courses, test prep classes and test prep information was exactly what I needed. There was a ton of information to cover, yet I was able to retain what I needed to successfully pass the real estate exam. Thanks Mark!

— Chris M., Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    Follow his instructions to the "T" and a good number of the answers jump off the screen at you!   (Pre-License)  18-Jan-2017

I am a below average test taker that has not studied since I left college 15yrs ago. I took the required 60 hours with VanEd online education course which did get me the overall ours need quickly but did little for knowledge and retention. I went to one class of Results Coaching and was not only inspired but felt I had a plan. Follow his instructions to the "T" and a good number of the answers jump off the screen at you. Thanks Mark!

— Jim A. Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    It's not "WHAT you do" but "HOW you do it" that makes a difference!!   (Pre-License)  22-Nov-2016

Just 6 weeks ago I made a decision to change directions in my life and pursue a career as a Professional Real Estate Agent. Not exactly knowing the processes of how to get that done, I asked a lot of questions to a lot of people. While looking for some solid direction, I was not only the beneficiary of some great information, I was also introduced to Mark T. Wehner.

Though I have known Mark for quite some time, I was not aware of his expertise in Real Estate Training, Development and Continued Education. Wow, talk about impressive!
Mark's unique, proven and highly successful methods of teaching are truly "State of the Art" They not only apply directly to Real Estate Training, Education and Exam Prep, they can be applied to all topics of study, regardless of genre with the same expectations of immediate success!!!

Under Mark's instruction and that of Russ Williams (Real Estate Finance Instructor) as well, I successfully completed 60 hours of required classroom education and the Real Estate Exam preparation in 5 weeks. It wasn't easy but it was certainly doable! In addition, I PASSED both the National and State Real Estate Exam on my "first attempt" and am now ready to practice Real Estate.

Keep in mind, this may or may not have happened under someone else's instruction, I don't know. But I do know this, "IT DID" HAPPEN" at Mark T. Wehner's Reesults Coaching Real Estate and I highly recommend his classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn it right the first time around!!

— Joe Hurley - Omaha, NE

  5 Stars    The best class I've taken (and I have taken many)!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

Very informative but done in a fun way. Loved the small class size! Great job!

— Anonymous

  5 Stars    Instructional Materials and pace were great!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

No suggestions for improvments or change.

— Anonymous 2

  5 Stars    Enjoyed the class and how we studied!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

Jeprody learning games added a fun way to learn.

— B. Martinez

  5 Stars    Russ was fantastic!   (Real Estate Finance)  26-Jul-2017

He used multiple teaching techniques and quizzed us in fun ways. I would highly recommend this class!

— G. Leyann

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