Winter/Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement, severe or dangerous weather… our cancellation policy is as follows: If Omaha Public Schools cancels classes, it is to be assumed that REEsults Coaching's™ School of Real Estate classes are also canceled. If Omaha Public Schools are not in session… call (402) 676-0101 for a recorded message stating the status of classes under consideration for cancellation. In the absence of a specific announcement to the contrary, it should be understood that classes will continue as scheduled. If you cannot attend class due to the weather, and we do not inform you of a cancellation, please call us and we will assist you with your options (i.e., Zoom Video Conference, or other... ). Contact Us at

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Single-Session Classes ONLY (e.g., CE Classes)

When a cancellation occurs within 72 hours of the training date, all monies paid shall be refunded.

  • If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of enrollment there is no refund.
  • Likewise, “NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the class registration amount.

Note: Please understand that when you forget or cancel without giving enough notice, we may miss the opportunity to fill that class and students on a waiting list miss the opportunity to receive training. —Thank you in advance for understanding.

Multi-Session Classes ONLY (e.g., Pre-License & Exam-Prep)

When a cancellation occurs within 72 hours of enrollment, all monies paid shall be refunded.

If cancellation occurs after 72 hours of enrollment, but before resident classes begin a refund shall be made of all tuition except a registration fee not to exceed $150.00.

If the student discontinues the course after one or two class sessions, 70% of the tuition shall be refunded. After three or four sessions, 50% shall be funded. No refund after five sessions.

There shall be no refund for books, materials, and supplies issued to the student after the first class.
A full refund will be issued if a student’s educational services are denied as a result of intentional deception, misrepresentation of facts, or is the student was misled by any advertising with is proven to be false or inaccurate.

A full refund will be due the student if admission to the school is denied.

All refunds will be paid within 60 days following a student’s official drop date, or in the case of a student who does not return to school at the expiration of a school approved leave of absence as determined by the last day of that leave of absence.

Students agree to and understand that no refund shall be issued to any student that violates the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, or Class Policies of REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate (School) as determined by the School.

Students receiving a refund agrees to hold REEsults Coaching School of Real Estate (School) harmless from any and all cause of loss or action that may result from the student’s denial of admission, inability to attend or meet the attendance requirements as established by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission or any other entity governing the School, or a violation of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, or Class Policies of the School, employees, instructors/coaches.

Multi-Session Classroom Attendance Policy

You MUST attend (8) eight of the (9) nine classroom sessions for each course in order to meet the 30 hr classroom attendance requirement. Attendance will be taken and recorded for each classroom session.

Passing Criteria

Our students must achieve 70% on course exams in order to receive a certificate of completion.


You may attend any Exam Prep Classroom Coaching Sessions until you pass the real estate exam; AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Nebraska Real Estate License Requirements

Exam Application

All applicants must provide the Real Estate Commission with a criminal background check run by the State Patrol. Contact the Real Estate Commission for the criminal background check information and for the license application:

Nebraska Real Estate Commission
1200 "N" St. Atrium Building Suite 402
P.O. Box 94667 Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4667

When you have completed your courses, return the application to the Real Estate Commission along with copies of your certificates of completion.

Exam Criteria

All applicants must pass the state real estate licensing exam given by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. The computerized licensing exam(s) are offered Monday through Friday in Omaha, Lincoln, North Platte, and Scottsbluff and one Saturday a month in either Omaha or Lincoln.

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